How To Gain Weight Fast Metabolism

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How To Gain Weight Fast Metabolism

How to Speed ​​up your metabolism speeds up your metabolism How?

How To Gain Weight Fast Metabolism? Unconsciously, the diet, basal metabolic rate, slowing preventing you lose weight. In this case, the constant “I’m doing the diet zayıflayamıyorum” I can not say the phrase often go. Started to wane in the diet that you will be successful and how we need to diet, metabolic rate, which determines …

Dietary energy needs before you correctly identify all those who decide to make a healthy, balanced diet to ensure adequate and that should be the measurement of metabolic rate Goztepe Medical Park Hospitals Group and Obesity Clinic Internal Medicine Specialist Medical Park Hospital Complex Management Dr.Yavuz Furuncuoğlu, basal metabolism I know did not told about the pace.

What is basal metabolism?

During the rest of people, without any movement, in order to see the normal functions of the body (breathing and functioning of internal organs, etc.. Etc.) is called basal metabolic energy level that is required. I.e., the amount of energy consumed by a person at rest.

How to measure?

Of determining the amount of oxygen used in basal metabolic rate and calorie calculation method can be estimated by measuring the like can be found. Another method of measuring the amount of protein bound iodine in the blood to see the basal metabolic rate. Some devices automatically measure and calculate it.

Calculation method:

Male: (900 +10 xkg) xfizik activity coefficient. 
female: (700 +7 xkg) xfizik activity coefficient.

Physical activity coefficient:

For a quiet life at: 02.01

Moderate to an active lifestyle: 1.5

For those who live a very active 1.8.

For example: a man 90 pounds basal metabolic rate is moderately active, what happens?

900 +900 = 1800 × 1.5 = 2700 calories

What should be done?

- At least 2 to 2.5 liters of fluid a day, do make sure to consume. 
- Definitely not jump meals. 
- other than those listed in the diet do not eat much or missing. 
- Olive Oil at making the choice to eat vegetables cooked in oil to be sure. 
- definitely prefer fried vegetable dishes Do not. 
- Tea, coffee, sugar or any other cause, provided that-if-desired amounts. 
- the feeling of hunger whenever you eat one small carrot or 1 small handful of fried chickpea. 
- consume more soda water glass a day.

Factors that affects the rate of basal metabolism

- Gender (men higher) 
- age (higher in children) 
- Body weight (kilolularda high) 
- November quantity (Kaslılarda high) 
- Environmental factors (cold, high) 
- Protein mainly fed 
- Sleep (falls asleep) 
-Nutrition failure (reduced)

Hypothyroidism lowers metabolism

Diseases that affect the rate of basal metabolism?

Yes. Some diseases, falls, some of the increases. Raising conditions: fear, anger, etc. nervous moments. In addition, hyperthyroidism (toxic goiter), pituitary, and adrenal gland disorders, certain medications basal metabolism and raises the last three months of pregnancy.

Basal metabolism while reducing conditions, nutritional deficiencies, sleep, memory, anemia (anemia), some psychiatric diseases and genetic disorders, hypothyroidism (thyroid gland, the case), pituitary, and adrenal gland disorders with some of the drugs again.

Is the diet of those who should be measured basal metabolism rate?

Yes. Basal metabolic rate measured. 500 calories is reduced and the amount of calories that is removed from the diet to be followed. Thus, without strict dieting to lose weight is applied, and the difference is provided. Thus, harmonious and healthy weight can be a long time.

Weight verdikçe basal metabolism rate, what happens?

Weight verdikçe basal metabolic rate decreases. One reason for this is due to the unhealthy fat weight loss is associated with the loss of muscle. For this reason, you need to re-adjust your diet or exercise to prevent muscle loss is required. Be careful not to lose weight you need to show more than 4 pounds per month. Quick weight loss is more pronounced in this case.